Answer the following questions in the comment section: 

  1. Why is seeking permission important when planning trips or adventures? a) It shows respect for our parents’ guidance and keeps us safe.
    b) It ensures we have enough snacks for the trip.
    c) It allows us to make decisions without any rules.
    d) It helps us explore new places without any restrictions.
  2. Why do people in the countryside treat animals nicely? a) Because animals are their friends.
    b) Because it makes them happy.
    c) Because it’s part of their culture and religion, like Islam.
    d) Because they want to show off their kindness to others.
  3. What can we do to show kindness to animals? a) Feed them lots of snacks.
    b) Play with them roughly.
    c) Ignore them completely.
    d) Treat them with love and care, just like our friends.
  4. What is the countryside known for? a) Busy city life and tall buildings.
    b) Crowded streets and lots of noise.
    c) Peace and tranquility, away from the noise and busyness of the city.
    d) Exciting adventures and amusement parks.

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