Answer the following questions in the comment section: 

  1. What advice does Svetlana give to listeners who are starting something new?
    a) Embrace the unknown and be open to new possibilities.
    b) Stay in your comfort zone and avoid taking risks.
    c) Avoid making new connections and stay isolated.
    d) Let fear and nervousness hold you back.
  2. According to Noah, what is the importance of building connections in a new environment?
    a) It helps you feel more comfortable and supported.
    b) It distracts you from adapting to the new environment.
    c) It slows down the process of adapting to new challenges.
    d) It isolates you from the community and hinders your progress.
  3. How did Noah overcome challenges when adapting to new schools?
    a) By avoiding seeking help and studying extra hours.
    b) By giving up and accepting the lower academic performance.
    c) By seeking help, dedicating extra time to studying, and persevering.
    d) By relying solely on natural talent and not putting in extra effort.
  4. What benefits are mentioned for starting new challenges?
    a) It brings excitement, personal growth, and expands perspectives.
    b) It reinforces routine and limits personal development.
    c) It discourages problem-solving and adaptability skills.
    d) It promotes fear and hinders self-improvement.

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