Answer the following questions in the comment section: 

  1. What can Jacob do in the park near their new apartment in Gueliz?a) Play football with friends
    b) Ride bicycles
    c) Fly kites
    d) Have a picnic
  2. What do we need the drugstore for?a) To buy groceries
    b) To purchase toys
    c) To find delicious croissants
    d) To get medicine and health supplies
  3. How does Jacob feel about having his own room in their new apartment? a) Excited
    b) Bored
    c) Annoyed
    d) Worried
  4. What are the unique qualities of Gueliz compared to their old neighborhood in London? a) Famous landmarks and rich history
    b) Bustling city life and tall buildings
    c) Beautiful gardens and a friendly community
    d) Busy streets and a vibrant nightlife

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