Hi Xlabbers,

This is Jessica again. Thank you very much for your comments.

I’m about to go to a Moroccan school and I would love to make friends quickly.

Can you please suggest some tips that will help me make friends quickly ?

You can use the following prompts to start:

  • One way to make friends is to…
  • A good tip for making friends is to…
  • You can make friends quickly by…

You can use some these words: Confident, Empathy, Friendliness, Generosity, Honesty, Initiative, Kindness, Listener, Open-minded, Positivity, Respectful, Sociable, Trustworthy, Understanding, Volunteer, Welcoming, Express interest, Share experiences, Common interests, Be supportive, Join clubs, Participate in activities, Show appreciation, Smile often, Encourage others, Be yourself, Offer help.

Write a small paragraph and send it in the comment section. Don’t forget your name and class number.

See you tomorrow !

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