Hello Xlabbers,

This is Jacob again.

Good News !! The people working at Exchange Lab call me and they tell me they find a drumming teacher for me. His name is Heiko and he is German. But they also tell me me we have to send him letters to ask him for help.

Can you please help me?

Please write a letter to Heiko and ask him to be my drumming teacher. 

This is the letter that I send him:

Dear Heiko, 

My name is Jacob and I’m a student in a school in Marrakech. 

Our drumming teacher quit and we don’t have anyone to help us learn drumming for the event at my school. 

Can you please teach me and my friends ? 

Thank you 

Jacob Jones.

Write your letter and send it in the comment section. Don’t forget your full name and class number.

See you later.

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