As I walked into the classroom, A feeling of anticipation permeated the classroom. Today was the day when our math teacher, Mr. Mourad, would be announcing the results of our midterm exam. I had done my best to prepare, but there were two exercises that I couldn’t help but feel unsure about. Despite my understanding of the lessons, the limited time for practice left me with a tinge of uncertainty. However, I reminded myself that I had given it my all and that whatever the outcome, I would accept it with grace. It was a reminder that exams were just one aspect of my learning journey, and there were always opportunities to improve and grow. With this mindset, I took my seat, ready to face the unveiling of my midterm math score.

As the moment arrived for Mr. Mourad to announce the midterm math scores, my heart started beating faster. Arij’s name was called first, and when the teacher revealed her perfect score of 20/20, the entire class applauded her in. Arij was beaming with pride, and I couldn’t help but feel happy for her.

Then, it was my turn. Teacher Mourad called my name, and my heart raced with both excitement and nervousness. To my utter surprise, he revealed that I had obtained a score of 18/20, making it the second-highest score in the class. I couldn’t believe it! A wave of joy and relief washed over me as I realized that my hard work and determination had paid off. It was a moment of triumph, knowing that my efforts had resulted in such a commendable outcome.

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I shared the news with my parents. Their eyes sparkled with happiness, and their smiles widened with pride. They were genuinely happy to hear about my midterm math scores, and we celebrated the achievement together. Their support and encouragement for me and my brother since we started school in Marrakech made it easy for us to adapt. 

I couldn’t wait to share the story of my younger brother, Jacob. He had recently joined a drumming class, filled with enthusiasm to learn this captivating instrument. However, after just one class, they received the sad news that the drumming teacher quit. It was a moment of disappointment for Jacob and his classmates. Thankfully, with the help of Exchange Lab’s students, they managed to find a German drumming teacher who offered online classes. From that day, Jacob practiced non-stop, dedicating himself to mastering the rhythms and beats. The drumming event was fast approaching, and I wanted to show my support.

I walked with my friend to the event room in the school, eager to encourage and cheer for my brother. My parents were there too, The room was filled with anticipation and excitement. The rhythmic sounds of drums and the energy created a vibrant atmosphere. As Jacob took his place among the other drummers, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. He overcame obstacles and persevered to reach this moment. I cheered loudly, clapping my hands and tapping my feet in time with the music. It was a proud and joyous moment for both Jacob and me, and I knew that his dedication and hard work had paid off.

After the drumming event, I proudly introduced my friends to my parents and my talented brother, Jacob. We exchanged warm greetings and shared moments of excitement and laughter. As the time to say goodbye arrived, I bid farewell to my friends, knowing that we had created memories that would stay with us forever.

As we made our way to the park where our car was parked, my parents suddenly stopped Jacob and me. Their faces were beaming with pride. They expressed their deep pride in our hard work to overcome challenges. And then, they revealed that they had a surprise in store for us, which filled our hearts with joy and curiosity.

On the way home, Jacob and I noticed that the ride home took longer than normal. We both asked our parents at the same time “Where are we going!” My mother turned her head from the front seat, a smile playing on her lips. She shared the surprise: we were going to Rabat for the weekend. The excitement bubbled within us as we realized the adventure that awaited us. We couldn’t wait to explore Rabat, create new memories, and enjoy this special time with our loving family.

Reflecting on the decision not to join my friends on the excursion to Rabat, I must admit that it was a difficult choice to make. Hearing their stories my friends told me about the wonderful moments they experienced and the beautiful places they visited made me feel a bit sad. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be a part of those memories they created.

However, as I look back now, I realize how incredibly thoughtful and caring my parents were. They knew the challenges Jacob and I had faced and the effort we put into overcoming them. In this moment of triumph and happiness, they surprised us with a weekend trip to Rabat. It was a gesture that touched my heart deeply.

Their decision to take us on this special adventure meant so much more than just visiting a new city. It was a symbol of their love, support, and belief in us. It reinforced the idea that hard work, perseverance, and resilience are rewarded. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for their thoughtfulness and the memories we were about to create together as a family.

As we embarked on our journey to Rabat, the feeling of contentment and joy enveloped me. I knew that even though I had missed out on the excursion with my friends, the experiences that awaited us in Rabat would be equally, if not more, meaningful. Looking out of the car window, I couldn’t help but smile. 

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