The next day, I meet my friends in the playground again. Lina suggests that we try to find a new drumming coach ourselves. Mohamed  thinks it’s a good idea, but he’s worried that we will not find someone in time. I tell them that we have to try and find a solution. We can’t let our parents down.

We go to the music room, and we start thinking about a solution. We think about asking the school if they know anyone who can help us, but we’re not sure if they can find someone so quickly. We also think about asking some of the older students who are good at playing the drums, but we’re not sure if they will agree to help us.

As we’re thinking, I remember that my uncle plays the drums in a musical band. I suggest that we ask him if he can teach us. Lina and Mohamed  like the idea, and we quickly agree to call him after school.

I feel happy that we have a plan, but I’m also a bit nervous. I’m not sure if my uncle is free to help us, and I don’t want to disappoint my friends. But I know that we have to try, and I’m determined to do my best to make sure that we have a coach in time for the event.

After school, I go home and tell my dad about our problem with the drum coach and suggest that he calls his brother, Mark. He listens carefully and agrees to call uncle Mark. My dad takes out his phone and dials his number. But after a few rings, there is no answer. He tries again more times during the day, but there is still no answer. I start to feel worried that we will not find a solution in time for the performance.

Later, I ask my dad if he could try to call my uncle’s wife, Charlotte, who may know where he is. My dad agrees and makes the call. After a few rings, she answers and greets my dad. He asks her if she knows where my uncle is, and she tells him that he is on a trip to the desert for a month and he doesn’t have any phone coverage. My dad thanks her and hangs up the phone, looking disappointed. It seems like we cannot get help from my uncle after all, and I feel sad that our solution doesn’t work. 

I can’t believe our drumming coach quit and we can’t find anyone to teach us. I feel so disappointed and sad. My mom tries to calm me down and tells me that we should not give up just yet. She remembers that she made a new friend recently who is a music teacher, and she says that maybe she can help us. My mom takes out her phone and tries to call her friend, but she doesn’t answer.

We wait for a few days, but still no answer from her friend. I start to lose hope that we’ll find a solution. I miss drumming so much, and I feel like there’s nothing I can do. My mom notices how upset I am, so she suggests that we try looking for a drumming class outside of school. She tells me that we can search on the internet for music schools or classes that offer drumming lessons.

I’m not sure if it will work, but I can try anything at this point. We start searching for drumming classes, and we find a few options. My mom helps me call each one to see if they have any places for new students, and if they offer drumming lessons for kids my age.

We try calling every music school we can find, but they all say the same thing: they don’t have any places for new students right now. I feel so frustrated that we can’t find a solution. My dreams of performing in front of my parents and the school are going away.

My mom tries to comfort me and say that sometimes things don’t go as we plan, and we have to keep trying until we find a solution. She suggests that we keep looking and try again later. But deep down, I’m starting to lose hope that we’ll ever find a solution.

As we sit at the kitchen table, feeling sad, I think of a new idea. I know Exchange Lab, a school that connects people from different countries to learn and practice languages. Maybe they can also help us find a drumming teacher online! I ask my father to send them an email explaining our situation and ask if they know anyone who can teach us drumming online. I feel hopeful again, and I’m excited to see if Exchange Lab can help us.


Determined: Very focused and motivated to achieve a goal or do something.

Disappoint: To fail to meet expectations or hopes, causing sadness or dissatisfaction.

Coverage: The area where your phone or internet signal works.

Option: A choice or alternative.

Frustrated: Feeling annoyed or upset because you are not able to achieve something.

Comfort: To make someone feel better and less sad or worried.

Perform: Doing something, like singing or acting, in front of other people.

Practice: Doing something again and again to get better at it.


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