Attending all the classes in school has been quite an experience for me. Most of the subjects are well-suited to my level, and I feel confident and engaged. However, there is one subject that continues to cause me worry and concern: math. Each time I attend a math class, I find myself struggling to understand the concepts. The more classes I attend, the more anxious I become about not being able to catch up with the rest of the students.

When I come home after a particularly challenging math class, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. The frustration builds up inside me, and tears start to stream down my face. My parents notice my distress and immediately try to console me. They feel sorry for me and want to help, but unfortunately, they themselves don’t have a strong grasp of math. It’s a subject that they have difficulty understanding and explaining. Despite their best intentions, they find themselves unable to offer the guidance and support that I need.

It’s disheartening to realize that my parents, who are always there for me, can’t provide the specific help I require with math. Nevertheless, I know they are doing their best to comfort me and encourage me to keep trying. I have to find another solution to overcome my struggles in math, whether it’s seeking additional assistance from my teachers, finding online resources, or reaching out to classmates who may be able to offer support. I won’t let this setback discourage me. I’m determined to overcome this challenge and improve my math skills.

After realizing that my parents couldn’t provide the specific help I needed with math, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I approached my teacher, Mr. Mourad, and asked if he could give me one-to-one classes to help me catch up. Although he felt sorry for not being able to accommodate my request due to his busy schedule, I appreciated his understanding.

Feeling determined to find a solution, I turned to the vast world of the internet. I searched through various YouTube channels, hoping to find videos that would explain the math lessons in a way that I could understand. However, I faced a disappointing setback. Most of the videos I found were either too advanced or not suitable for my age group. It seemed like finding the right resources was proving to be quite a challenge.

Just when I thought I had exhausted all options, my dear friend Najwa called me to see if I could visit. I had to decline her invitation, explaining that I needed to spend time catching up on my math classes. Curious to know more, Najwa asked me about the specific lessons I was struggling with. I shared my frustrations with her, not expecting any immediate solution. To my surprise, she asked me to hold the line for a moment. When she returned, she told me that she had just spoken to her dad, who happened to be a math teacher. He offered to help me with my math difficulties. I couldn’t believe my luck! It felt like a small miracle that my problem was being resolved so quickly, thanks to Najwa’s resourcefulness and her dad’s kind offer to assist me.

Excitedly, I rushed to share the incredible news with my parents. Their faces lit up with joy and relief upon hearing that my math problem was on the verge of being resolved. The weight on my shoulders began to lift, and a renewed sense of hope washed over me. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the unexpected help that had come my way. The fact that Najwa’s dad, a math teacher, was willing to guide me through my math challenges was truly a blessing.

The next day my dad drove me to Najwa’s house. As we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Najwa and her father, Mr. Amine, at the door. Gratitude filled my heart as my dad expressed his appreciation to Mr. Amine for his willingness to help. Mr. Amine humbly brushed it off, saying it was no trouble at all.

Inside, Mr. Amine carefully reviewed my math lessons and inquired about the timeline before my midterm exam. When I shared that I had only five days due to the upcoming excursion to Rabat, a hint of concern crossed his face. He explained that to thoroughly cover everything, I would need at least one week of focused study. It was clear that time was not on our side, and the challenge ahead seemed more daunting than ever.

The first lesson with Mr. Amine went incredibly well. I was impressed by his ability to simplify even the most complex concepts, making them easier for me to grasp. With his guidance, I managed to wrap my head around the first lesson, but I knew that practice was key to truly solidify my understanding. At the end of our two-hour session, Mr. Amine provided me with a stack of exercise sheets to work on at home.

Back at home, I told my parents what Mr. Amine had told me about the deadline. They didn’t know what to say but I had an idea. Immediately, I pulled out my phone and called Svetlana, my classmate, and apologized to her and explained that I wouldn’t be able to join the excursion to Rabat. I could hear the surprise in her voice as she asked why I made this decision. With a deep breath, I shared with Svetlana the challenges I was facing in catching up with my math classes and the approaching deadline for the midterm exam.

Although it was difficult to give up something I had been looking forward to, I believed that dedicating my time and energy to mastering math would benefit me in the long run. Svetlana listened attentively, and while she expressed disappointment, she understood the reasons behind my decision. She assured me that there would be other opportunities for us to have fun together and that she admired my dedication to my studies

My parents were surprised when I mentioned that I had given up the excursion, as it was something I had been eagerly looking forward to. I explained to them that I had learned from a documentary about productivity that sometimes we have to prioritize and focus on the most important things, even if they are challenging, and save pleasurable activities for when we have more free time.

To my surprise, my parents expressed their pride in my decision. They saw it as a sign of maturity and growth, understanding that making difficult choices and staying committed to my studies would ultimately lead to success. Their words of encouragement filled me with a sense of reassurance and determination.

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