Yassine invites me to visit his grandmother in the countryside on the weekend with his family. I can’t wait to explore the countryside with him, so I go quickly to tell my parents. It’s very important for me to ask permission from my parents because they always know what is best for me. 

When I tell them, they refuse, and my dad explains to me that we are new to Marrakech and we don’t know if it’s safe. I feel sad that I can’t see the countryside but I understand my parents’ decision. I send a Whatsapp message to Yassine and I inform him that I will not go with him and I go to my room. 

Later, while reading my book in my room, my dad comes in to tell me that Yassine’s dad, Mahmoud, calls him. Mahmoud promises my dad that he will take good care of me during the trip to the countryside. My dad gives me permission to go, and I’m very excited that I can go on the trip with my friend.

I immediately send a message to Yassine to tell him I will go with them. He already knows. His dad tells him and he’s very happy that I’m joining them and excited to show me his grandmother’s farm. My father takes me to his house and we start planning our weekend trip. I can’t wait for the weekend to come!

At 8 in the morning on Saturday, Yassine and his parents come to pick me up in their car. I’m ready and waiting outside, excited to go on the trip. I put my backpack full of snacks and a hat to protect me from the sun in the back of their car, and I get in the backseat with Yassine. His parents greet me with a warm smile. 

The drive to the countryside isn’t very long, but the view is really magical. We drive through lands covered with green trees and yellow flowers. The air is fresh, and I can smell the scent of nature. Yassine’s father tells us stories about the countryside and the people who live in it. I listen carefully and ask him questions about their culture and traditions.

When we arrive at the farm, I’m amazed at how beautiful it is. Yassine shows me around and introduces me to his grandmother. She welcomes me with a smile and a hug.  I see all kinds of animals, like cows, chickens, turkeys, some geese, and even a few peacocks. This is the first time in my life that I see a peacock up close. It has beautiful and colorful long feathers. 

Yassine’s dad takes us to the field to pick fresh fruits and vegetables, and we have a lot of fun digging up potatoes, carrots, and picking juicy tomatoes. Yassine’s dad tells us that he will make a tagine with the vegetables that we put in our baskets. Before we leave the fields, we also picked some big juicy peaches. On the way back to the house, we meet Yassine’s mother and her sister carrying big milk containers. 

Yassine’s mother takes us to the barn where the sheep and cow live. I’m very excited to see the animals up close, but also a little bit nervous. There are six cows and many sheep. Yassine’s mother shows us how to milk the cow, but when she asks me to try it, I was afraid. She and her sister start laughing at my fear, but when I see Yassine doing it, I gain the courage to give it a try. I’m surprised at how easy it is and I manage to get some milk out of the cow. But I’m still careful around the cow, as it’s very big and scary. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

After lunch, Yassine’s grandmother takes us to feed the chickens and collect their eggs. She gives us some bread soaked in water to give to the chickens, and we watch them fight over the food. It’s funny to see how they fight and peck at each other. We collect the eggs and put them in a basket. Yassine’s grandmother tells us that we can take some eggs home with us, and I feel happy to have something to share with my family.

Living in the city is often very loud, noisy, and crowded. There are lots of cars honking and people talking, and it can be hard to find a quiet place. But in the countryside, it’s much more peaceful and quiet. You can hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind, and there’s so much space to play and explore. There aren’t as many people around, so it’s not crowded, and you can really enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view. It’s so different from the city, and I love being able to experience both!

As the sun sets, we gather around a fire and share stories. Yassine’s grandmother sings some beautiful Amazigh songs, and I love her voice. It’s a wonderful end to a perfect day. I go to sleep that night feeling grateful and happy for the memories I’ve made.

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