Hello, I am Jacob, and I’m 8 years old. My family and I are in Marrakech, Morocco, and it’s super fun! We stay in a pretty riad with a secret garden, and we go to cool places like the souks where I learn how to bargain, and we visit the Bahia Palace and Koutoubia Mosque to learn about history and architecture. We also go to the Medina, where we try a traditional bathhouse called hammam and have dinner with live music.

I make many new friends during our trip, and I even learn some Arabic words from my friend Najwa. We also meet the hotel manager, Mahmoud, who tells us exciting stories about his son Yassine and their adventures in Marrakech. I even dream about having my own adventures, like climbing mountains and exploring secret gardens!

When it’s time to leave Marrakech, I feel sad, and I pray that the plane won’t take off so that I can stay and have more fun. But suddenly, my dad surprises us with amazing news: we won’t go back to London, and we’ll live in Marrakech forever! My sister and I are so happy that we dance and shout with joy. My dad’s friends pick us up, and we go back to the riad where I can’t wait to tell Mahmoud to take me to meet Yassine and play football with him.

Now that my family and I live in Marrakech permanently, we decide to move to a new apartment in the neighborhood of Gueliz, which is near the stunning Majorelle Garden. It makes me incredibly happy to think that I can visit this beautiful garden anytime I want! Our new apartment is lovely, and I’m thrilled to have my own room so that I don’t have to share with my sister, Jessica. I decorate my space with my favorite things, such as posters of football players that I put up on my walls!

Our new neighborhood is fantastic! We go to the supermarket to buy our groceries, and there’s a beautiful park nearby where I play football with my new friends. We also go to the bakery to find the most delicious croissants, and to the drugstore to buy medicine in case we get sick. Furthermore, I find a small shop that sells toys, and I’m saving all my pocket money to buy a new football soon!

I’m super excited because my mother just tells me that I attend an English-speaking school, where I study alongside both Moroccans and foreigners. I can’t wait to make new friends and learn more about the fascinating culture and language of Morocco. I hope to teach my new friends some English, too!

Living in Marrakech is such a joy, and I feel so fortunate that my family and I get to experience it every day. Even if I sometimes miss London, I feel like Marrakech is my new home now. I look forward to more adventures and making many more cherished memories with my family and friends here. I’m even hoping that someday soon, we’ll get to go on a camel ride in the desert together!


Bargain: To try and get a lower price for something by talking and agreeing with the seller.

Drugstore: A store where you can buy medicine.

Fascinating: Something is very interesting and makes you want to learn more about it.

Foreigners: people who come from different countries and are visiting or living in a new place.

Permanent: Something is going to last for a very long time, like when you move to a new home and live there forever.

Pocket money: A little bit of money that parents give to their children to spend on small things they like.

Stunning: Very, very beautiful and makes you feel amazed when you see it.

Decorate: To make something look nicer and more beautiful by adding colors, pictures, or other special things.

Explore: To go and discover new places.

Joy: A happy feeling that makes you smile and feel very good inside.

Comprehension Questions: Write your name and class answer in the comments below.

1. Where is Jacob and his family visiting?

a. London

b. Paris

c. Marrakech

d. New York

2. What is the name of the neighborhood where they decide to move to?

a. Medina

b. Gueliz

c. Majorelle

d. Souk

3. What is the traditional bathhouse called in Marrakech?

a. Hammam

b. Riad

c. Medina

d. Majorelle

4. What does Jacob want to do with Yassine?

a. Play football

b. Go shopping

c. Visit the beach

d. Explore the desert

5. What does Jacob hope to do someday in Marrakech?

a. Go on a camel ride in the desert

b. Visit the museum

c. Learn Arabic

d. Try Moroccan food


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